Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Panic among the Democratic faithful

Democratic loyalists are beginning to panic about President Obama’s re-election prospects, according to this report in the Washington Post. The latest cause for alarm is a memo from Democracy Corps, a research group headed by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and political consultant James (“it’s the economy, stupid”) Carville. Based on their analysis of focus groups conducted in late May among swing voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Greenberg and Carville say that the current campaign message — which stresses progress made towards economic recovery — is out of touch with the daily pain voters are feeling.
The authors urge Team Obama to switch to a new narrative that focuses on what Obama will do to make a better future for the middle class. Otherwise, they say, “we will face an impossible head wind in November.”



  1. They are panicking, and like a scared animal, liberals will become dangerous as their messiah sinks in the polls.

    I predict we will see more and more outlandish displays of leftwingkookiness and unhinged, foam at the mouth madness before it's all over.

  2. I got to listen to, and meet Congressman Paul Ryan yesterday in Las Vegas. His message IS clear: The economy is in shambles and Pres. Obama has NO CLUE on how to fix it. We need LEADERSHIP in the White House. Romney / Ryan baby!!!